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Cocolabs develops the leading solution for service Marketplaces. Thanks to their Cocorico technology, they create tailored delivered platforms. Cocolabs has already launched more than 80 service Marketplaces worldwide, from France to the United States.

With its Marjory connector, Cocolabs can quickly integrate new services in its CMS.

Marjory’s partner ecosystem and its expertise in both Marketplace operating and change management make it an ideal partner to support a Marketplace project.
Erik Desloges
VP Sales and Head of Partnerships, Cocolabs

Les atouts de Cocolabs

Solution is completely adapted to the sale of services

Being specialized in service Marketplaces, their solution is completely adapted to the sale of services: the sellers on the platform do not have to adapt their offer to sell it online

The platform can match supply and demand

Thanks to geolocation and availability management tools, the platform can match supply and demand within the service category.

Different commission models offered to sellers

In addition, the different commission models offered to sellers allow them to adapt to the sale of each type of service

Business Model Management

Finally, the Cocolabs solution allows the management of business models to allow or not the payment of online services.

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