How does Octopia onboard hundreds of sellers in less than 15 minutes?

Octopia offers a complete marketplace solution allowing e-merchants and retailers to launch their own marketplace. Launched by Cdiscount, the French e-commerce leader, Octopia benefits from more than ten years of expertise. Today, all teams of this SaaS solution guide marketplaces in their growth by relying on 4 pillars: technology, vendor catalog, logistics and operational know-how.

In summary, Octopia is:

  • +1.5 billion euros of business volume per year
  • A base of 14,000 sellers sourced in France and abroad
  • A platform that supports over 100,000 orders per day

Onboarding time for sellers divided by 10 and 80% productivity gain

Based on Cdiscount’s experience and culture of innovation, Octopia provides its customers with a base of qualified sellers.

However, onboarding new sellers on a marketplace requires the completion of a series of time-consuming tasks, previously managed manually by Octopia and its client (marketplace operator).

Indeed, after selecting all the seller accounts, the marketplace operator had to create each “seller” store one by one in its backoffice, generate a link and send it to Octopia. Then, Octopia would manually fill in each form before activating the store.

octopia without marjory

Thanks to Marjory, Octopia can automate its seller onboarding processes in a few clicks.

Octopia only needs to transfer one file to Marjory, which sends back a synthetic report.

octopia with marjory

Marjory boosts Octopia’s productivity and allows its customers to save a lot of time since they no longer have to manually create each store and generate each link.

Marjory, the solution that boosts business productivity

Thanks to its expertise and its innovative solution, Marjory has developed a customized process according to Octopia’s needs.

Marjory’s pre-connected apps allow for rapid deployment and synchronization of all data managed by the marketplaces.

Today, Octopia can easily evolve its process, by connecting new services or, for example, by integrating specific management or validation rules.

The Marjory automation platform supports you in the scale of your activity:

  • High scalability: (more than 2000 processes processed per minute)
  • 50K+ events processed per minute
  • Availability rate: 99,5%


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