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The execution of a Marketplace model is more complex than a buyer/seller/operator relationship. Marjory eases the understanding, helps you get the necessary technical resources  and integrate your project into your existing IT system thank to low-code technology.

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Safely develop and accelerate your Enterprise Marketplace connections

With Marjory, the creatopn and growth pf a Marketplace and the sale of goods and services is made easier with an automated solution designed to meet the needs of operators and sellers.
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Control your projects

Control the scoping and launching phases of your project. Marjory is committed to helping you meet your deadlines for the creation and growth of your Marketplace or to helping you sell your projects on multiple platforms.

Create custom automations

Do not let technical constraints hinder your business vision. Create custom connections between all the solutions you are using (Marketplace solution, PSP, ERP...) or between the different Marketplaces you operate.

Gain greater productivity

Deliver your project twice as fast with the support of our Experts who have already launched and operated multiple Marketplaces. Our low-code technology erases manual tasks and accelerate the development.

Organise, optimise and scale your project with the power of Marjory

Without Marjory
With Marjory
Operators' and sellers' ability to execute their business vision is limited by the IT roadmap. The launch of new projects takes time, and the experience of customers and employees is damaged.
Improve your organization and secure your IT so that everyone can be empowered.

We ensure the success of your project

Accessible to everyone, Marjory eases collaboration between functional and technical teams. We address 3 different needs.
Launch a Marketplace from A to Z
Launch a Marketplace and integrate it more easily into your existing channels and teams. Create automation between your Marketplace, HR teams, finance, your points of sales and your e-commerce platform for example.
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Boost your growth with new services for your existing Marketplace
Improve your existing Marketplace with new features for your sellers and buyers. Grow your Marketplace worldwide or connect new channels such as points of sales.
Make it easier for your Marketplace partners to sell products and services
Manage product flows into the Marketplace.

Strong expertise combined with innovative technology

Marketplace experts with complementary skills rely on our technology to support you throughout your project.

Marketplace experts with +10 years of experience

Marjory's Marketplace experts have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the biggest French Marketplaces. 
Their expertise
Techno-functional project management, IT architecture, IT management, Marketplace management...
Their background
Former Auchan Marketplace Manager, Alltricks Project Director, Head of IT at Fnac... They have decided to join us.

The power of low-code technology to serve the needs of Enterprise Marketplaces

Marjory orchestrates all actions from third parties and your own information system. You can build custom automations that respond to the specific needs of your business vision.

Find out how Marjory helps CIOs meet the deadlines of their Marketplace projects.
Marjory works with CIOs

Identify complexities and avoid surprises

Our experts support you from the scoping phase of your project until the launch within 4 key steps: THINK, BUILD, CONNECT and RUN. All aspects of your project - technical, business, legal or change management - are dealt with by multidisciplinary teams. 

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Control your project
Marjory's experts have more than 10 years of experience in the launch and the management of the biggest French Marketplaces (La Redoute, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon...). They rely on the business process editor and the expertise library to help you develop your future Marketplace while limiting the impact on your organisation.
Accelerate integration
Our technology includes many third-party apps for Marketplace solutions (Mirakl, Izberg, Cocolabs...), PSP (Mangopay, Lemonway...), financing (Cofidis), etc. Pre-connected apps reduce development time and help you manage integration.
Secure your resources
The technical process editor and Marjory's low-code approach cut development and validation times. It also reduces the need for new technical skills development, providing you with more agility and independence.
Visualize the execution of automated processes
All executed processes can be visualised and actions monitored.

They are creating value with Marjory

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