Marjory x Mangopay: Mangopay joins the Marjory Ecosystem

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Marjory announces its partnership with Mangopay by creating and making available the universal connector of the full payment solution in its library of services.

The objective: to offer B2C and B2B operators a turnkey integration model that allows them to easily and quickly implement the Mangopay solution to manage all of their customers’ payments, while respecting their business and regulatory constraints.

The implementation of a payment solution can be complex for the operator, who must understand the business logic (pay in, escrow, pay out) and master the technical dimension. 

In addition, these platforms are now seeking to differentiate themselves by offering additional services – payment in installments, financing, third-party billing, etc. – which must be able to interact with the payment solution in place. 

By creating its universal connector and making it accessible in the Marjory service library, Mangopay facilitates the integration of its payment solution for its customers, by offering them an integration model and compatibility with all CMS and frameworks available on the market.  Adding a financing solution to the payment solution offered by Mangopay is easy, with a simple drag’n drop. 

“With Mangopay, Marjory allows marketplace operators to quickly benefit from the services of a recognised PSP, offering the key functionalities expected for payment management in full compliance with regulations,” explains Alexandre Amiot, CMO of Marjory.

“With Marjory, Mangopay offers its customers a turnkey integration model, allowing rapid integration and combination with other high value-added services such as financing,” explains Adèle Hollender, Partner Manager at Mangopay.

About Marjory:

Marjory is a low-code solution for best-of-breed integrations and workflow automation. 

Press contact: Alexandre Amiot –

About Mangopay:

Mangopay offers a complete payment platform with full payment services: pay-in management (management of incoming transactions with white label landing page), vendor wallets (split of funds between vendors and the operator) and pay-out (international payments, easy reimbursement). 

Press contact: Adèle Hollender –

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