Marjory-certified consultants

Marjory trains consultants and brings them together in a community of experts to help Marketplace operators make the most of the Marjory platform for the growth of their business.

Trained with the latest e-learning technologies, these certified consultants can step in within various operational and technical fields of expertise.

Marjory vous conseil

ExaaS expertise

ExaaS, or Expertise as a service, is Marjory’s commitment. This is why we focused on the role of expert consultants since the inception of our SaaS platform, to help them adopt it easily and to find solutions to express their Marketplace expertise to our clients, at every stage of their projects.

Certified consultants

Every Marjory consultant completes a  certified training program, which turns them into platform experts. Our service centre supports them in their daily tasks, helping them with the design and implementation of the most efficient Marketplace workflows.

Marjory vous conseil
Marjory vous conseil

A business opportunity

Entering Marjory’s consultant community opens access to a one-of-a-kind type of network. For Marketplace operators, it’s a chance to find the skills they need to lift various pain points from a project. For consultants, it’s the opportunity to access new business opportunities with Marjory’s clients, and to gain the skills that are in demand in the market.


“With Marjory, I received high-level training which, coupled with a truly innovative technological solution, allowed me to bring even more value to my marketplace clients.” 

Vikram Ramdul, marketplace expert