Boost your growth with a B2B marketplace

B2B consumer expectations are changing to the point where they expect a shopping experience just like the type they’d find in their personal B2C purchases. However, the complexity of B2B payment, the suppliers’ digital maturity and your sector’s specificities hamper your project success. With Marjory, you can launch a 100% bespoke marketplace faster and at lower costs.

Beyond digitalization, re-think how your company can create value

The B2B marketplace is not a simple digitalization project but a transformation project with high added value for the growth of your company. Thanks to the perfect implementation of your marketplace, you improve the shopping experience of your customers and develop your offer to give you a real competitive advantage.

Widen your goods and services offer

Offer similar products to complete your current offer with the integration of new suppliers.

Exploit fully all data

With an optimal exploitation of the data, you can improve transaction controls, optimize financial flows and ensure a perfect customer experience.

Ease transactions

Your customers can buy goods and services directly from your platform. Available 24/7, the marketplace maintains the contact with your customers. Disponible 24/7, la marketplace vous permet de conserver le lien avec vos clients.

Offer a frictionless digital experience

Enhance the quality and breadth of the marketplace offer presentation, allow buyers benefit from a smooth buying experience and sellers keep control of all orders passed.

The only solution that can offer custom development for optimized costs

Using a low-code technology, Marjory deploys a digital platform 100% custom to your needs.

With Marjory, you can create your own and flawless customer experience.

Compatible with all marketplace solutions

With the easy integration of all SaaS solutions, you can launch a project with no technical limitations and deliver it to the market in a record time and at optimized costs.

A network of experts to support you from the scoping phase to the project delivery

Marjory combines strategic consulting and technical integration to answer to 100% marketplaces needs. Our experts and partners support you through all phases of the project (strategy, business model, scoping, …) until the delivery. Our transversal business/IT know-how ensures a complete organizational and technical deployment

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