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Our automation platform empowers the whole digital transformation ecosystem, accelerating strategic projects by a factor of 4.

Our Story


Marjory started in 2018 within AREA42 and we unveiled our 1st prototype at B2B Rocks


We allowed ambitious marketplaces to launch faster than ever: back then, we enabled go-live in only a few weeks, raising enormous seed rounds.


In 2020, Marjory launched a platform allowing service providers to collaborate  and develop innovative solutions for the marketplace and eCommerce universe. Major progress in B2B embedded finance were unlocked.


Marjory referenced all the best practice workflows for marketplaces. We released a solution for enterprise operators, and benchmarked our orchestrator against big names in the industry.

Our Vision

Over the course of their careers, Kamel and Christophe participated in 250+ high-stake Marketplace projects. Each time, the risk of failure was high. Expert and technical resources are scarce. Aligning all stakeholders is challenging. 

Selecting and integrating the best partners for each component, a gamble. There had to be a better way.

With the backing of AREA42, Kamel and Christophe approached Marketplace operators, service providers, consultants and integrators: all agreed a new approach was needed. To shorten the design and implementation phase. To test the concept early with an MVP Marketplace. To make change manageable for the organization. 

To secure the execution of the project, and beyond, of the orchestration of all the parties involved. So Marjory was born, initially to make marketplaces easy. We bring together the expertise, the technology and the methodology to execute marketplace projects, and to run and grow platform business models. 

We have been challenged by some of the most demanding Enterprise Marketplace operators, as well as renowned service providers and leading integrators. They see us as a game-changing solution. And a trusted one, as Marjory operates as an enabling partner, not as a competitor.

Along the way, we developed a new generation of expertise platform, iPaaS and automation technology. After adopting it for their Marketplace project, Marjory customers tried it with adjacent practices: eCommerce, eProcurement, and wider digital transformation challenges. Practice after practice, we bring together the business, the tech teams, experts and decision makers, accelerating and de-risking their digital transformation.

Marjory roots are in the Marketplace ecosystem, and the ecosystem brought us unparalleled network effects and expertise. Therefore, we want to give back to the ecosystem, sharing the upside of Marjory: anyone interested and aligned with our vision can own a stake in Marjory.


Marjory CEO
World-class marketplace expert. Former country CEO at Intershop. One of the first employees at Mirakl. Former Marketplace Director at Actility. Obsessed about execution.
Christophe SPOERRY
Marjory GM
Innovator and ecosystem builder. Embedded finance and payment expert. Co-founder of multiple startups and ventures. Makes the impossible possible.

They Trust Our Technology

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Paris, France

Company type

French SAS

Funding so far


Key Managers

Marjory COO
+15 years of expertise in eCommerce and Marketplace with the launch of multiple projects (Accor, La Redoute, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Alltricks…)
Emmanuel BARBOSA
Marjory CTO
+10 years of expertise in technical and functional management of Marketplaces (FNAC, Accor).
Sales Director
has more than 15 years of  International B2B software sales experience.
Berenice DESPRES
Product Evangelist
10 years of expertise in digital and startups. Launched omnichannel and digital marketing projects for retailers.
Guillaume CONRATE
Customer Success Director
+10 years of expertise in Marketplaces. Former director of Auchan Marketplace.
Alexandre AMIOT
Marketing & Ecosystem Director
Launched international marketplaces for large enterprise operators (Orange, KPN, NTT…)