How to ease the integration of a Marketplace into a legacy platform?

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Integrating a new project as ambitious as a Marketplace is particularly challenging for an organisation with a legacy. If time has left your information system less agile, less efficient or obsolete, changing it and integrating new services can be risky. A technology like Marjory is an effective answer.

Adding a Marketplace to an information system requires the integration of at least several dozen APIs

Launching a Marketplace with an existing IS requires the integration of several third-party solutions such as a back-office for sellers, a payment solution, a PIM, a front-end or a KYC management solution for example.

Over the last ten years, the Marketplace ecosystem has grown exponentially. Today, the challenge is no longer to develop the tools to make the Marketplace works, but to connect and integrate these third-party solutions. How to enable their interconnection while guaranteeing an optimal level of safety? How to integrate them into the information system with a minimum impact?

To succeed, your teams will need to become increasingly skilled in the integration of each API. You will also have to design and implement an architecture that can run the Marketplace, while separating it from your integration logic.

Marjory simplifies the connection of your Marketplace with the information system

Marjory can connect into your information system and allows you to add all the useful solutions for the correct operation of your Marketplace.

The advantages are as follows:

  • less impact on your IS,
  • cheaper development costs,
  • compliance with good quality and supervision practices (environment backbones, monitoring, alerting),
  • better flexibility thanks to the ease to upgrade your IS, replace existing applications, reduce maintenance,
  • limited organizational impact (the solution does not require uncommon and scarce technical skills)
  • total control over the flows’ execution (your teams can monitor and interfere with the flows managed by Marjory)


To allow a seller to join your Marketplace, you will need to connect :

  • A front-end (custom or CMS)
  • A PSP
  • Your email sending system
  • A CRM or your contact management tool

Documents must be sent by the seller, received by your system, a seller account must be created at the PSP, a human validation with seller verification is also necessary for a good onboarding.

Marjory allows you to execute processes such as seller onboarding, payment, financing, returns or catalogue management. These processes can be developed from the Marjory interface, orchestrating actions from your IS and third-party solutions.

There are two ways to connect Marjory to your information system: API or private apps. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered during the scoping phase.

Marjory acts as an iPaaS dedicated to E-commerce and Marketplace. Thus, you can build your own end-to-end automations thanks to a low-code platform that perfectly fit with organisations with an existing information system.

For more information, contact our teams and technical-functional experts for a demo of the interface.

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