Reliable, high-volume data integration. Without the cost.

You shouldn’t pay corporate-sized fees just to ensure your data flow is reliable, visible and secure. Marjory is a cost-effective, all-in-one middleware for high-volume data integrations.


The iPaaS for complex integrations

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Reduction in data integration costs

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Faster time-to-market

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Customizable & Low-Code


A solution built by process orchestration experts

Our team is specialized in complex data integration and process orchestration, to help your business grow through efficient and scalable automations.

Marjory helps you:
  • Reduce costs
  • Evolve as you scale
  • Improve accuracy

Our solution efficiently delivers scalable data connectivity and workflow automation.

Launch a marketplace

A marketplace is not just a digital project, it is a high-value transformation project that boosts company growth.


With a perfect implementation of your marketplace, your company benefits from a real competitive advantage.

The challenges :
  • Offer custom B2B payments
  • Manage digitally immature suppliers
  • Personalizes buying experiences

Low-code data connections for CDOs

Marjory helps improve the time and precision of delivery with low-code, out-of-the-box connections which are customizable to your needs.

Data Orchestration with iPaaS for CIOs

Marjory supports the integration of your applications to help your projects launch on time.

Launch a B2C marketplace

Accelerate the launch of your B2C marketplace

The Digitalization and automation of e-procurement

Simplify e-procurement through digitalization and automation: see how the latest tech saves time and money.

Integrate your data and workflow automation with best-of-breed applications…

United.b (Electro Depot, Boulanger, Hifi International, Krëfel...) has launch its B2C marketplace, Reconomia

Thanks to Marjory technology, we were able to reduce the scoping and build phases of our project to build a Marketplace 100% adapted to the constraints of the refurbished economy!

Jerome Vigneron
Project Director
jerome vigneron

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Diary of a CTO - The challenges of data integration in SMBs

During this event, we will talk about:

🔍 Inquiries that CTOs should be addressing when grappling with data integration intricacies in a cost-effective way.

📈 Best practices for the seamless integration of data volumes.

🚀 Gain insights into top-tier solutions tailored to specific challenges and use cases.

Question & Answer session: Join us to talk about your problematics and get answers by our guest speaker, William Da Cunha, a seasoned CTO at Marjory and an authority on middleware solutions and data integration. 

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