Use of Marjory’s integration platform for technical consultants

duree 7h
certification Qualifying
présence E-learning


This training of about 7 hours on our e-learning platform, is created for technical consultants. The goal of this training is to learn how to use Marjory’s integration platform through many exercices and scenarios.

The training will be organized around a few topics:

  • Discovery of Marjory’s platform
  • Getting started with the tool by creating some workflows

Candidates' profile

This training is made for technical consultants who work on framework integration projects with his customers. This is made for people who already have a first experience integrating a marketplace framework.

Necessary basis required :

  • Experience in Java (senior level)
    • be able to write mvel
    • be able to debug a complex java stacktrace
  • BPMN skills
    • be able to understand bpmn
  • Functional ability, analytical mind
    • be able to quickly understand partner’s functionalities

Expected benefits

At the end of the training, consultants will have a full understanding of Marjory’s solution and will know the added value that it can bring to a marketplace operator.