Library of Expertise

A complete and functional Expertise Library

The Marjory Expertise Library provides access to many business and functional processes, pre-designed by experts in digital platform management and customizable according to your project.
It helps you to understand simply and quickly all the functional, application and operational impacts related to the implementation of your project. This is the guarantee of a well-framed project and an accelerated framing phase.

The key processes of an online platform

Discover the interactions between the different IT systems and the different personae of a digital project.
Iterate these processes during workshops with our expert consultants in order to stick as closely as possible to the specificities of your human and IT organization. You will thus have reference documentation for all phases of your project: Build , Run , and Scale .

It is THE ideal and understandable documentary base for everyone, developers, project managers,
business unit manager.

  • Align your business vision and its execution
  • Capitalize on best practices from the best experts
  • Accelerate the Time to Market of your project

Automate your processes and integrate your tools and services

Taxonomy management

Simplify the uploading of sellers' products for a Marketplace project by defining the steps to follow as well as the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders.

Payment management

Learn about key payment processes to connect the right payment solution to your project.

Sales onboarding

Design business and functional processes for onboarding new sellers and secure KYC data collection.

Customer service management

Learn how to manage multi-vendor customer service as well as dispute management.

Order management

Quickly understand the main principles of order management then iterate these processes to better fit your organization.

Technical monitoring

Discover the major KPIs of an online platform and define your own business and technical alerts!


frequently asked Questions

This Library of Expertise and Best Practices was created to reduce the time it takes to acquire the knowledge needed to set up a digital project with the aim of improving the project's overall time to market.
The Library of Expertise speeds up the understanding and implementation of the workshops to be conducted for the launch or iteration of your project. It constitutes a documentary base to facilitate the transformation of your organization. It is also the repository for starting technical developments with Marjory technology.
It is aimed both at companies wishing to launch or improve the management of an online platform (Marketplace, B2B Marketplace, e-procurement, internal Marketplace, etc.) and at consulting firms seeking an effective tool to support their clients on digital project scoping missions.


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Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?

Join our webinar

Marjory invites you to the webinar “Why is orchestration key in B2B payments?”, presented by Marie Wattrelot, Client Success Manager.

The webinar will feature the Lyreco case study, the European leader and the third-largest distributor of B2B retail office equipment and supplies in the World. Antoine Malard, Marketplace Product Owner at Lyreco will be our special guest.

You will learn the role of an orchestrator and how to manage the different events in a B2B order lifecycle.