Create your own private module to automate your Marketplace information system

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Marjory is a SaaS solution that automates Marketplaces. It allows you to automate external services (PIM, PSP, Back-Office…) from executable processes, in the context of your Marketplace information system. 

To facilitate the connection of your information system to Marjory, we provide you with a new interface that gives you the possibility to create your own modules in complete autonomy. 

The creation of these private modules is an interesting option for Marketplaces that do not rely on an internal orchestration solution (such as ESB) and whose architecture is based on microservices. It allows each microservice to communicate with Marjory through a dedicated module.

What is a private module?

The private module allows you to integrate your “business” actions into processes modelled in Marjory. 

These actions can be: actions from your external tools (payment, framework, logistics…), user actions (notification, emails, manual tasks…) and/or actions from your own information system.

As explained in the diagram below, each action can make several API calls to your system and return an event in response thanks to a webhook.

Marjory’s technical process editor allows you to automate these actions through workflows.

Create and manage your own modules through the “My Modules” interface

You now have the possibility to create and manage your own private modules from the My Modules interface. This module will remain private and only accessible within your Marjory instance unless you want to make it available to all our other customers. 

Let’s see what actions to take in order to create your module.

STEP 1 – Add a module

In order to create your module, you can access My Modules from the Marjory interface My Instances > Add module > My Modules.

Your modules list, currently empty

Once on the interface, you have the possibility to create your first module. To do this, simply click on the “Create a module” button and enter the name of your module.

If the module you want to create reflects an API for which you have a Swagger (in JSON or YAML format), it is quite possible to pre-generate the module in order to save time.

Choose a name and start from zero or no

STEP 2 – Complete the file

Once you have made your choice, a .zip file of your module is downloaded. Then make an extract of its content and start editing the module. 

Find the documentation on module editing here.

STEP 3 – Deploy

Now that your module is edited and you have packaged the module using the SDK, all you have to do is deploy it in the Marjory ecosystem. To do this, go back to the My Modules interface where you will find the previously created draft module.

Your draft module is listed

In order to deploy the first version of your module, simply click on the “Download” button which will open your file explorer and allow you to select a previously “Packaged” module in .zip format.

Once you have selected the .zip file, click on the “Open” button to launch the deployment of your module. This action can take between 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the module, and a deployment indicator is displayed on the interface to confirm that the deployment is in progress.

It is also possible that the deployment encounters an error, if mandatory files are missing for example. You will then see a tag indicating that the deployment is in error and you can click on it to find out more.

Example of deployment in error
A deployed module

If your deployment is in error, you can re-edit your module in order to correct the error, package it and submit it again from the interface, always by clicking on the “Download” button. Once the module has been uploaded, it changes the section to the “Deployed” part.

When your module is deployed and has PRIVATE status, this means that you are able to find it in your service catalogue from the Marjory interface. All you have to do is install it, configure it with the necessary login information, and you can use it directly in the technical process editor

Want to know more? Contact Axelle, our Sales Manager, who will be happy to help you with your projects.

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