Your goal

Create the Marketplace MVP that fits your circumstances

Do you need to develop your project in just a few months? The Marjory product has been designed to help you scale your Marketplace more easily and more quickly.

Launch a marketplace for goods or
services in your sector in record time

Accelerate your launch

Thanks to its technology, Marjory accelerates the development of marketplaces

Integrate your constraints

Marjory allows you to operate in B2C, B2B and C2C contexts, on a local or international scale.

Initiate a scalable project

Do you need to develop your project in just a few months? The Marjory product has been designed to help you scale your Marketplace more easily and more quickly.

Benefit from expert advice

Our team of marketplace experts will advise you and help you frame your project.

Marjory supports you
from A to Z

Our EXaaS (Expertise As A Service) solution gives you the keys to success from the inception to the production of your marketplace.

Frame your project perfectly with our Marketplace experts

Marjory provides you with best practices (seller onboarding, order management, payment, etc…) and experts to frame your project around business processes and adapt them to your business and technical constraints.

Accelerate development with our low-code technology

Marjory offers you a tool to build connectors and technical processes. This facilitates the execution of business processes and the integration of the different bricks of your marketplace (front, PIM, middle-office, back, PSP)

Deliver a 100% customised MVP adapted to your sector

Marjory guarantees you an MVP that allows you to onboard your sellers, operate your orders, manage their payment and cash out, while respecting your technical and business constraints (activity specificities)

Frequently asked questions

Why is Marjory THE right solution for my marketplace project?
Marketplaces are complex to build from scratch, but also as an add-on for e-merchants who want to expand their catalogue in a Marketplace logic. Thanks to its process-based approach, Marjory allows marketplace operators to build their platform by focusing on the key processes that enable it to operate and create its value. Marjory’s solution is therefore suitable for all projects, from marketplace launch to scale-up and/or internationalisation.
What makes Marjory’s product special in the e-commerce/marketplace world?
Marjory offers a product for accelerating marketplace projects. The proposed approach is process and service driven. A marketplace is a series of business processes (e.g on-boarding of sellers) that must be able to run in an organisation, in a business context and on an IT architecture. Marjory therefore offers a SaaS solution which, once connected to the marketplace, enables its operation to be structured and managed on the basis of modelled processes. These processes are executable and offer a view on their level of completeness as well as on the possible blocking points that could prevent them from being executed. Marjory is a new vision of your Marketplace project that allows you to give the power back to the business over the technique!
Is Marjory a product that can be used by functional profiles?
Marjory has been designed to allow functional profiles to free themselves from technical constraints thanks to its low-code operation. Marjory’s Expertise Library allows business users to frame and formalise their marketplace projects while taking advantage of Marjory’s professional services to adapt them to their own challenges. The modelling of this expertise in the form of workflows, as well as Marjory’s ability to make these workflows interact with the APIs of third-party services and to technically execute these workflows, makes them easier to read for non-technical profiles. The integration of Marjory into an existing IT system is therefore done quickly and independently of the technical knowledge of the integrated or desired services. Once this integration is complete, any functional profile trained in Marjory can add all the services they need to the marketplace in just a few clicks (PSP, framework, logistics service, etc.)

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