Secure your digital projects

Launching an online platform requires the creation of multiple flows and the transformation of your entire IT system. Marjory supports your project guidelines and accelerates integration so you can launch your project on time.

Less work, more productivity

Create bespoke connections between your system and our apps with a solution designed for complex digital projects (Marketplace, B2B Marketplace, E-procurement…). Benefit from an agile environment that supports continuous improvement.
No more technical debt

Benefit from a proven solution to ease the creation and management of flows within your IT system.

Consider your technological assets

Interface all the existing elements of your IT system to fully exploit their potential in your online platform.

Easy integration

Make the most of your SaaS solutions while protecting the agility of your IT system.

Control the operational impact

Deliver quick value and control your teams' activity. Limit the need for technical expertise with a solution that's easy to handle.

A functional approach that perfectly fits with your IT system

Each flow from your IT system or from service provider is displayed as an app with actions. Handle each action to orchestrate your project.

Compatible with all marketplace solutions

With the easy integration of all SaaS solutions, you can launch a project with no technical limitations and deliver it to the market in a record time and at optimized costs.

An accessible interface

The process editor is accessible to the largest number of people with its low-code interface. Junior web developers, technical project managers, techno-functional consultants and many others can use Marjory in less than 2 weeks.

The process editor includes the following features:
  • Drag-and-drop actions
  • Easy settings management
  • Monitoring interface access

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Contact us for any questions about our product, our area of expertise or about your project, especially if you wish to benefit from the opinion of an expert.

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